What Is An Artificial Log

An artificial mushroom log averages 5 inches in diameter and one or two feet in length.  It is made of Ozark Oak sawdust with other all-natural ingredients in polypropylene plastic bags.

A CCD shiitake mushroom log is inoculated with high quality shiitake spawn.  A ready-to-fruit log goes through 2-6 months of spawn running, colorization and unbagging.  Soak it in cold water for 24 hours and in about one week, you'll have fresh, clean, delicious shiitake mushrooms. Shipping can disrupt the mycelium and some logs may have to rest for 30 days before fruiting.

A ready-to-fruit CCD Oyster mushroom log usually goes through 30-40 days of spawn running after inoculation. No soaking is need for oyster mushroom fruiting. The only thing you need to do is to unplug the cotton plug on the top.

CCD Shiitake Log

Grows fresh shiitake mushrooms every 3-4 weeks for 3-4 months. Usually produces about 3-5 ounces of mushrooms for the first crop and yields increasingly larger crops as the log matures. It grows indoors in containers in living areas and/or outside in shade at 60-70F with 80-90% relative humidity. It requires soaking in non-chlorinated water every 3-4 weeks. Soaking in ice water for 24 hours triggers the mushroom fruiting.

CCD Oyster Log

Grows fresh oyster mushrooms every 1-3 weeks for 1-3 months.


Usually produces about 2-4 oz of mushrooms each crop and yields more than 1 pound of fresh mushrooms during its life.


Grows indoors in living areas and/or outside in the shade at 60-70F with 80-90% relative humidity.